Apes have arrived to IOTA ecosystem

NFT collection of 1074 super cool apes that serve as a key to unlock many doors. Our vision is to become the first place where you come and say gm.

People behind the project

Alpha Rho

Founder of iotapes and a core ape at ApeSwap. Takes care of his fellow apes by providing a lot of useful information about DeFi.

BingoBongo Ape

BingoBongo is a genius who translated ideas into the design. Whoever is looking for an NFT designer BingoBongo should be your first stop.

Collection features

Our iotapes NFT collection is a generative collection which means that each ape is randomly generated. The collection in total has 105 traits distributed over 8 categories. Traits from each category are randomly chosen to create each ape in a unique way.

All apes from the collection will be offered for sale. Whoever wants to join the NFT project will need to buy NFTs, even the founder himself. No NFTs will be held for “marketing”, “team” or any other purposes.

100% of the proceeds from the NFT sales will go towards forming a treasury so each NFT owner is becoming a shareholder in our treasury and a DAO participant. Collection has 10% royalty fee which goes to treasury as well. The treasury will later be used to earn profits from the upcoming DeFi protocols on IOTA. All NFT owners decide on what to do with the treasury, i.e. distribute profits to holders or accumulate profits to increase the size of the treasury.

By setting up the collection as stated above, each NFT gets a “price floor” of 1/1074 * Treasury value. This is only a speculation and the actual market price of each NFT can be lower or higher than that.

Since the collection is generative, each ape will have a certain rarity score. If you are interested in apes with higher rarity score (rarer apes) then stay tuned to our Discord server because we will leak a tool to find out rarity a bit before the collection launches. Rarity score was calculated by applying this method. No matter how rare or common your ape is they all have the SAME utility.